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What does?

Echoustics, is an artistic formation that researches sound, as the artistic production medium, within the possibilities of new media and the frame of image-space-environment. It also focuses on the production via these researches.

Fırat Güner

Audio/visual Artist

Engin Esen

Audio/visual Artist

Who are?

Echoustics Creative Lab is a collective-creative art platform put into practice in 2018 on the basis of the Works of two audiophiles, Engin Esen and Fırat Güner, who have been experiencing their environment through the synthesis of image and sound. This platform adopts the plural contribution as their understanding of art rather than the singular production. In this context, “Echoustics” is an identity that represents the multiple minds that are gathered under a single name.

What is?

The Word “Echoustics” corresponds to sound as a media which acquires its image-relational property through the detachment from its source and its offer for new expressions though its figuration within the limits of space. It is a compound Word that combines the term “echo;” meaning repercussion, reflection and reverberation and a branch of sound physics “acoustics” meaning the relational existence of the sound within space.

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